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"Three soldiers lost in the theatre of war find themselves on the biggest stage of their lives"  

an original musical 

Scene One Projected footage for audience

Battle of Normandy 

Please listen through speakers or headphones


Les Trois Bouffons is the story of three foolhardy British soldiers who get separated from their unit and trapped behind enemy lines in June 1944 after the Normandy landings. During a brief exchange with a German sniper, one of the soldiers takes a flesh wound. They are short of rations, ammunitions and have no means of communication and they seek shelter in a nearby village church, La Saint Trinite̒. There they find a group of villagers also taking refuge, and among them is the beautiful young widow, Estelle E̒clair.

Part of the church has been set up as a theatre with a stage, costumes and scripts to keep the villagers entertained and maintain their spirits in the dark days of Nazi occupation. The unhinged and delusional German Captain, Frederick Winkler, who is in control of the village, has an eye for the beautiful Estelle and has an ambition to become a theatre impresario. He offers safety to the villagers in return for their performance, under his direction, to impress his Commandant. They comply under duress. What unfolds next is a story of passion, heroism, jealousy, loss and the tale of

Les Trois Bouffons

Written by:

Joshua Aitchison

Patricia Donoghue Murphy

Paul Aitchison

Contact Information:

Paul Aitchison


Joshua Aitchison


Patricia Donoghue Murphy


The Plot

Thank you for taking the time to look at our submission, we hope you like it!  All the songs and storyline have been written, arranged and recorded by the three of us on a shoestring budget, however we have big aspirations for the show. We would love nothing more than to see our vision come to life on stage, but we need a little help to get there. Les Trois Bouffons is fully finished with a completed script and songs, however, we are open to mentoring, re-writes and collaborations. If you are interested please contact us on any of the above phone numbers or by email. 

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